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Welcome to Hunt Gather Trade! My name is Larry, and I am a freelance developer and the author of the Hunt Gather Trade Substack newsletter. This platform is my passion project, born from a fascination with automated trading systems and day trading. Here, I dedicate myself to sharing knowledge, experiences, and monthly strategies with a community that's eager to learn.

Every month, I dive into the complexities of automated trading systems, offering you insights and research that are both accessible and designed to help you with your daily trading. Whether your interest lies in understanding the algorithms that fuel trading bots or honing your manual trading techniques, my newsletter is tailored to equip you with practical knowledge and researched strategies.

If you have any developer or research needs, check out the services page and feel free to contact me.

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Check out the HGT GitHub repositories. Some projects are open publicly.

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Freelance developer services for researching and coding trade systems

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